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Can you think of any negative points about going for a walk?

Nope, neither can I.

Walking is simple, it’s free and it’s a brilliant way to get from point A to point B and on top of that you’ll become a lot healthier.

Many people think you’ve got to go down the gym in order to exercise and get fit but actually a brisk 10 minute walk each day you build your stamina your make your heart healthier as you burn any excess calories.

10 minutes a day that’s all you need.

Bonkers isn’t it, we think we can’t find the time to go for a walk but actually in our standard working day there is always a way to fit in a 10 minute walk.

It may be parking 1 km from the station or 1 km from the post office when you have to go and post a letter and doing that 10 to 15 minute walk there and back.

So what do you need to go for a walk?

Obviously the first thing you need is some footwear. Comfortable shoes or trainers are perfect.

You don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive Nikes or are Deadys trainers all the most expensive running jacket as long as your clothing is comfortable and practical.

So once you’re out walking how do you know what a brisk walk is?

Well a standard comfortable walk would be 2-3 miles an hour so if you can do 3 miles an hour you’re not doing bad.

3 miles an hour would mean that you’re walking briskly you could probably still talk and have a conversation but every now and again you need to stop and catch your breath.

You might think you’re not particular active and so a bit put off by going for a walk well start very gradually and gently.

Walk 200 m, down your road and back. If you did that five times a week then by the second week you’re probably be able to walk 500 m and so you just build it up very gently so there’s no pressure on your joints and you’re really begin to start noticing some fundamental differences in your health.

One reason people stop doing exercises and start losing their motivation is because it has not been entrenched as a habit.

So if you want to create a habit for yourself you need to build it into your daily routine it might look like walking walking part of your journey to work, walking to the shops don’t take the lift but take the stairs if you have to do a short journey or walk it don’t take your car if you’ve got children walk to school and maybe die arise a walk in your week with a friend we can go out and chat and chew the fat and see the countryside.

Another fantastic way to make any walks slightly easier in the early stages is to create a playlist on your phone and listen to some really good music as you walk, even Spotify has specific music designed for walking and running whereby your paces and pace and cadence are set by the music.

As time goes on your realise that walking is great so at this point Maybe start mixing it up a bit and extending your walks and maybe getting some maps out and having a look what your surrounding countryside has in store for you and they go out exploring you never know where that might lead.

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