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Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure

We improve the land upon which we tread

The old saying of ‘leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs’ seems a little dated in these modern times.

If we all leave footprints then we going to have some major issues in the landscape that we are out to enjoy.

Here at Peak Challenge we actively strive to leave no footprints.

And if we all take just photographs then great...but what if we then splash them on social media? Surely there is an argument for over publicising our beautiful locations?

In the summer of 2018 the Isle of Skye and Highland council had to enforce strict visitor numbers on the Island following Instagram being awash with beautiful pictures of the Fairy Pools.
So how do we overcome this modern issue? This is something we dwell upon at Peak Challenge a lot.
However social media does have its place in protecting our beautiful and wild lands.

The most common environmental quote recently being;

“it’s only one plastic straw, it won’t matter....said 7.2 billion people.”

Cutting the corner of a path as you descend Ingleborough is not too much of a problem if you are the only person on a dry day and you tread lightly, skipping from rock to rock. We’ve all done it before, haven’t we? Tiredness (and apathy?) setting in, the finish only a few miles away.

However multiply that by 10,000 people on wet days over the course of year not treading lightly and not being aware of the impact they may be having on their surroundings and the effects are devastating.
So how do we address this?

The Peak Challenge Mountain Leader briefing

Each of our leaders is a passionate and qualified Mountain Leader. They are highly qualified and knowledgeable about the mountain environment in which we operate.
Upon arrival you will be briefed by them on all aspects of your challenge, from your personal safety through to the environmental impact we all have on our surroundings. Each leader has rubbish bags with them to remove any litter that you as a group find or create whilst on your challenge.

Travel and transport

What about car sharing or public transport?
Getting the train works well as most of our challenges have been devised and designed with public transport in mind. The Yorkshire Three Peaks, for example, can be accessed by train from Ribblehead whilst the Edale Skyline can also be reached by train from Hope station.

The information packs that challengers receive

Upon booking your Peak Challenge you will be emailed some joining instructions that outline everything from your kit and clothing through to your fitness and your nutrition.
A major environmental slant is put upon your nutrition and food on the day.
From single use plastics to the age-old palm oil conundrum through to banana skins being left on the trail. (Did you know it takes about 500 years for a banana skin to fully decompose on the summit plateau of Ben Nevis)

Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure