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Frequently asked questions

I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know where to start.

Taking the first step in any challenge is the hardest step.
“one day or day one?”
As with anything new there is some trepidation and it is the unknown that becomes the worry.
Think carefully about what you’re trying to achieve and what you really want to get out of your challenge.
People have multiple reasons for doing this type of challenge; be it raising money for a charity or just a personal goal to get fit. Whatever your reason think carefully what this may be and the goal you are trying to reach.
Location is a major factor; the more mountainous areas of Britain will give you a more challenging experience compared to some of those in southern England. However there is also always a balance between distance covered v height gained v mountain summits reached.

I’m not fit enough to do any of these challenges what shall I do?

We can only ever do our best. Who’s to say that your fitness won’t allow you to complete a personal challenge? After all a personal challenge is exactly that.
We can send you some training plans well in advance of your challenge so as to maximise your chances of success.
We also have such a varied mix of challenges ranging from the more quaint walks of the Peak District through to a much more challenging knife edge ridges of the Scottish highlands.

I live miles away from any of your challenges are there anything closer to where I live?

In due course we will be opening up some other fantastic peak challenges in areas such as the South Downs The New Forest and on the Isle of Wight, So fear not!
Unfortunately it is a fact of geology that all of our truly exciting mountainous terrain is in the north and west of the United Kingdom; from Dartmoor in the south-west up through the Brecon Beacons, mid Wales, towards Snowdonia and then over to the lake District before heading off on up to the Scottish highlands.
Luckily we have the Peak District on the Yorkshire Dales positioned quite centrally to allow easy access to some great peak challenges!

I’ve got quite a few aches and pains and poorly knees what do you suggest I should do?

Look carefully at yourself and maybe the reasons behind your aches and pains and poorly knees. Are you a little overweight? Is that the reason? Who knows. However to get the best out of any challenge it really helps if you are in adequate shape. By this I don’t mean you need to turn up ready to beat the Brownlee brothers in the world triathlon but having an adequate level of fitness will allow you to really enjoy your challenge in order to get the best out of it. Maybe this year isn’t for you, maybe use this as a planning and preparation year before booking onto something for next year? Either way it’s your choice.

I last did any walking when I was in my 20s do you think I’m capable of this?

Absolutely! It’s amazing what we are actually capable of and given enough time, preparation and planning you’ll be able to achieve your goals. As long as you can put 1 foot in front of the other for 12 hours you’ll get round something as challenging as the Yorkshire three peaks.

What kit do I need to do any of your challenges?

You will absolutely need some good walking boots, good lightweight but warm outdoor clothing and a rucksack.
You won’t be navigating your way around the challenge, after all that’s the role of your mountain leader, so no map and compass is required on your behalf.
But should the weather turn Bad then of course you will need your waterproofs and maybe a head torch depending on the time of year. What ever challenge you book onto though you will receive a comprehensive kit list in your joining instructions pack.

Do I need to go out and buy brand new gear before my challenge?

This is entirely your choice. If you feel you will use it again (is this a turning point in your life?) then by all means go out And invest in some new kit but if this is just a one off see if you can beg borrow and scrounge the basics.
However don’t scrimp on your boots.

I desperately need some new boots how long before my challenge should I get them?

Book early plan a head so that you buy your boots with plenty of time to break them in an iron out any difficulties or issues with them. Blisters 15 miles in with 15 more to go will be a challenge. A very painful challenge!

When we’re out walking what do we do about the toilet?

Lots of our walks are based around facilities such as loos, pubs and tea shops! At the start of your walks there are generally toilets and on some namely the Yorkshire three peaks we pass through the village partway through the day that has some public toilets.
However if you are caught short your mountain leader will discuss the best course of action which includes a lighter to burn your new roll!

Do you supply any food when we are out walking?

On certain walks we have break stops where there is a hot drink some cake and some other niceties. These walks are generally a big circular walks across roads such as the Yorkshire three peaks eternity of Yorkshire three peaks and the Welsh 3000 hours.
Other more mountainous walks whereby you are firmly up in the mountain environment for the duration don’t have the luxury of these stops and as such the team will carry all of there supplies with them.

What do we do if there’s really bad weather?

We cannot control the weather.
What we can control is your kit and clothing and your attitude.
Couple good kit with a good attitude we can weather the storm.
However the only weather really don’t want to be out in this thunder and lightning. If lightning is forecast then your mountain leader already be aware of this and we will have a plan B in place.
Likewise if high winds are forecast on walks that are exposed and mountainous terrain such as Crib Goch or Ben Nevis then of course we will go to our alternative plan B route.

I’ve heard bad reports about too many people doing these charity walks should I believe these?

Yes you should believe these because large-scale charity events have caused some issues in the past. Here at peak challenge we’ve looked at these issues, spoken to the locals in the villages and areas we work in

I’d like to come and do a walk with some friends of mine do you think we would walk in the same group?

Of course just let us know at the time of booking that you wish to be with your friends we will absolutely make sure you are in the same group.

I’m really scared of heights is this going to be a problem for me?

On some of the more challenging mountainous roots then yes this will be an issue.
We don’t want people with vertigo to have an absolute meltdown in a dangerous position higher up on the Ridge.
Speak to us early and let’s all choose the peak challenge that absolutely suits your ability, expand your comfort zone and maybe tackles This issue.

Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure


Peak Challenge Climbing Walking Adventure